Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl!!! (in HD)

Hanging out in California at a friend of the family's house... I got to watch the Super Bowl on a big (BIG) screen in HD. It was nice! On one of the commercials, I could see the guy's contact lens, it was THAT detailed! Also... it seems that picking bad (really bad) movie rentals is a Korean thing. I have a friend (who happens to be Korean) who is notorious for picking terrible movies to rent (when they are out of the mainstream). We went to Blockbuster today to rent some movies and my friend said a friend recommended a movie called "Old Boy". It was a Korean movie (dubbed). It was very strange. Very. Strange. Strange.... Yea. It was like watching a Steven Segal movie. You don't really watch the movie, you just comment on it and make jokes about the main character's bad choice of lines and weapons. This movie had a common carpenter's hammer as the interesting weapon of choice. The first scene had the main character urinating in the lobby of the police station. Like I said... strange. Anyhoo, now we're gonna watch "Red Eye" with a bigger group (I think we should scratch the "Old Boy" disc as a service to Blockbuster and their customers). I'm fairly sure that the two guys working there laughed at us when we left with this particular movie. ',;-)

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mamaRamen said...

Man! Garo gave me the summary of this movie and the plot is beyond messed up. It's downright just... man twisted in the worst way. <.shivers.>