Saturday, February 24, 2007

2 double-oh 7

All right, it's already two months into 2-double-oh-7 and I'm finally updating my blog. Blogger had a huge upgrade and (as you can see) I switched over to a new template. It's also nice that I can log in using my Gmail instead of something else... First, I'd like to look at last year and see how I did on my New Year's resolutions...
  • Get my weight below 200 pounds: d'oh. I think I gained a little weight. I must have plateaued. I'm still fitting into my clothes though, so it's not bad. I'm holding at about 215 to 220 (with clothes and shoes and after work).
  • Keeping in touch with my extended family: Woo hoo! I got to know my cousins more and the six of us got a lot closer this year. We're all busy busy, but we keep in touch more.
  • Learning Armenian: umm... didn't get around to this. Boo on me.
  • Attending an Armenian youth event: My brother and I attended a few AYF (Armenian Youth Federation) meetings. It was... interesting... It wasn't our cup of tea, although now we can say that we went and tried. I got some good reading materials out of it though (although I haven't even read any of it yet).
Observations about 2006:
  • On the love front, I'm in love, been in love, gonna remain in love. Hoo-Yeah!
  • On the home front, I'm keeping in touch with family and being a good son.
  • On the work front, I think I vastly improved my people skills. I believe I have been making great strides in being easier to work with and recognizing other people's contributions. The fact remains though that I am hard to impress (in software terms).
  • I started working on my MBA in the fall. It's tough doing the school + work thing, I have utmost respect (always have) for people who do the school + work (or work + school, the additive property holds here) thing. The work is easy, but tedious, and it burns me out. Luckily it is only 2 nights a week. It's manageable. I've been trying to go to the gym on campus for those days, but work's been really busy and they've needed me to stay to 4 to help out instead of leaving at 3 to go to school. It's worth it though, bonus time is coming around and I know that my contributions will be recognized.
Forward-Looking Statements for 2-double-oh-7
  • I want to get my weight down. Below 200 may not work, but at least near 200. I plan to go to the gym for longer sessions, try to attend some of those classes they have. I also plan to consistently go to the gym at school. Finally, I need to know my limits with food. I'm finding that my body tells me when its full, but I keep eating anyway (this goes for dinner mainly). I think I can manage it. I think starting school messed me up a bit, but I can adjust and persevere.
  • I want to learn to read and write Armenian. I have resources, and I just need to set a schedule for myself. It's going to be tougher now that I have my MBA classes as well (until 2009), but I think I can manage.
  • I want to learn to speak / understand Cantonese, at least on a basic level. It's an interesting language, but I feel I have an obligation to myself and my family to master my own language first. There are 10 months left in the year, plenty of time.
I think that's a good start. I may add to the list as I see fit.

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