Sunday, October 07, 2007

Back from ALT.NET Conference

I just got back from ALT.NET Conference ( in Austin and it was a blast. I've only been to a few other "conferences" but this is the only one that I would actually consider a "conference" more than a one-way brain dump. I met a lot of interesting people who I've been reading about, but didn't really know. Everyone is really passionate about their work and they have strong opinions (that are not really set in stone). Everyone was very receptive to alternative techniques, theories and interpretations. I'm looking forward to participating more in this community. I would also like to thank everyone for being there and making my weekend spectacular! And also to thank the organizers for giving us such a unique and fulfilling opportunity. I think a few people were interested in the WinForms MVP data binding work I've been doing, I'll try to continue that series of posts as soon as possible (I started one a month ago, but haven't really continued it). I'll get some recreated code samples up too.

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