Monday, March 23, 2009


I’m working on a personal refresh right now.  I changed the theme of this site to make it look cleaner.  I’m also signed up for the Houston ALT.NET Conference (, which is pretty exciting.  The last time I went to one of these open space conferences, it lead to a flurry of blog posts followed by a hiatus (thanks to business with school).  I’m guessing something similar will happen here.
I’ve been starting to get active on Twitter (more listening than tweeting).  My alias there is @garoyeri.  I find it to be a good way to find interesting conversations.  My Twitter client of choice (for now) is TweetDeck.  I’m going to try and post interesting links for things I’m looking at.
Code-wise, I’m thinking about a more extensible way to do object data binding for desktop applications.  For web applications, the data is refreshed once on the server-side when it hits the page, then updated by JavaScript/AJAX on the browser-side.  For something like this, AutoMapper looks like a great way to make it happen.  When dealing with desktop applications where the same data could be displayed in several places, the data binding / mapping needs to be “live” instead.  I’ll be posting more about this sooner than later.
I’ve also been looking at coding aspect of the software development process in our workgroup and have set up guidelines for our group.  I’ll write more on that too.
The StockSample I was writing about earlier got a little stale.  We’ll see if I pick that series back up or not.
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